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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Inistioge Co KIlkenny

The White Tower 12c Belfry and Clock
Churches in the village 
Village Square

Where: Inistioge is located in South Kilkenny between Thomastown and New Ross in Wexford. 
Why: the village has been identified as a National Monument as architecturally there are a number of buildings which are of historical interest. There is a number of arts and crafts within the area from pottery to photography. Its so pretty and set along the banks of the river Nore as well. 
What: The village is located on the river Nore and is very scenic. The film Circle of Friends was recorded here and there is a cafe in the village baring the name still.  The famous ten span bridge is a tourist attraction in its own right.
Facilties: riverside walks, architecture, cafes, pubs, accomodation, antiques, shops, post office. 
Pros: I love this place its so beautiful. The views from Woodstock Estate down to the village are gorgeous. The churches are equally as lovely. There is so much history everywhere around the village.  There is a riverside walk in the village with a small waterfall and the ruins of a swiss cottage and waterfall. One can also walk along the trail from Thomastown to Inistogue see links below for more information. The locals do a wonderful job making sure the village is tidy and kept pretty too. 
Cons: streets are a little narrow and steep if heading up towards Woodstock so be careful. 
History: it was originally established as a Viking settlement.  An Augustinian Priory was established in 1206 and during this period and 1540 the area prospered. However, after the dissolution of the Monasteries in 1540 the area declined. In 1566 the Priory lands were granted to Sir Edmond Butler.Woodstock Estate lies in the hill above the village and had a major influence on the development of the village during the 17th and 18th century. 

For more information : 

View from Woodstock Estate to the bridge

View from Woodstock Estate to the Church.

Woodstock Bridge
St Columkills Well

Kilkenny trail to Thomastown

Inistioge Bridge

Some of the views locally
Towards New Ross

Towards Mt Brandon and Blackstairs

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