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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Avoca Weavers

Hello all, 

As promised updated blog of the lovely Avoca Weavers. This place surpassed my expectations and I love it when places do that. 

Where: Avoca Handweavers, Avoca, Co Wicklow. 

Why: I wanted to go to Powerscourt and Glendalough for years its on my dreamboard blog so I finally did it. When I went to Wicklow I stayed in Avoca as its a bit of a haul back to Galway. If your around Wicklow its really pretty in Avoca. The village is mostly known for the Ballykissangel television series.  Avoca Handweavers was a total impulse stop off. Everyone in Ireland knows of Avoca goods but to be honest I never looked into the back history of the products. 
How: I drove from Galway to Dublin then down M50 until Wicklow and then I took the R752 straight to Avoca. 
How much: its free to visit. I brought a cappocino and a savoury scone in the cafe for around 6 euros. I know some people think the savoury scone is sacilage on the original but they served with chutney- it was delicious. You can buy anything in the shop so I brought some mugs for around 12 euro and small gift soap for around 3 euros each. 
Whats there: You can take a tour of the factory, its a live tour so you see the workers in action on a average day and can track the product through all the different stages. Its really interesting. Its free and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely.  It starts with the history of Avoca and then you move through all the other stages right down to dispatch. here is also a cafe and shop. If your around Wicklow its really pretty in Avoca. The village is mostly known for the Ballykissangel television series. The food in the Avoca cafe is really nice too. Amazing cakes and scones. Shop has everything from socks to blankets made by Avoca, mugs, a selection of Irish made goods such as perfume from the Inis range, Voya products which are a treat, Avoca cookbooks, chocolates and sweets.  In love with some of the blankets and scarfs! 
Pros: The tour gives you such an appreciation of their final product. I think its amazing what this family have managed to achieve and fair play to them and may it continue to the next and further generations. 
Cons: I could not really fault anything with Avoca there are gifts in the shop to suit all price ranges, cafe is lovely and the tour was great. Maybe if I was really looking lean workstations lots of boxes around- Quality Engineering sorry. 
History:  Avoca is a family run business and was established in the mill in Avoca in 1723. Its the oldest weaving mill in Ireland.The area has a mining history and if one looks closely through the forests you may be able to see the remains of some of the buildings. The mill was established initially to spin and weave wool. The Avoca company is traditionally renowned for their handwoven throws and blankets and more recently cafes and cookbooks. 
 Three sisters of the Wynne family too over the mill in the early 1920s added dyes and colour to the yarn. The present family brought Avoca in the 1970s and restored the mill.  Donald Pratt was a solicitor who was handling the sale of the mill but ended up buying it himself even though his wife thought it lunacy. Nonetheless, they pulled and worked together. While retail sale was the early success and kept the business floating,
now Avoca handwoven blankets are a global success. Four of  Donald and Hillary's children now run the Avoca business.

Have you been here and if so what did you think?

For more information: 

You can contact me at: forrealllemail@gmail.com
To follow some of my adventures you can find me at catmc07 on instagram.

Photo Gallery 

Entrance to the Weaving Shed
The Weaving Machines in Action !
Different kind of Yarn - mohair, cashmere, shetland etc.
Entrance into the mill
Our Lady of the Mines 

If you look closely you can see a steeple and there is a cross on the hill also erected by local miners

Entrance to the cafe and shop

Stylish Sheep :)

Entrance down into Avoca Weaving Factory - I love all the old whitewashed buildings

Meeting of the Waters - Just outside Avoca
Avoca mugs- made me laugh hot chick and twerk

History of the mill

Some of the Avoca products in the shop

Part of the Factory tour

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