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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cashel, Co Tipperary

Hello, beautiful people.

Rock of Cashel 

Where: Cashel, Co Tipperary

Why: Rock of Cashel, Historical town, good shopping, great food, Irish dancing and genealogy for Tipperary. The Queen even visited it when she was in Ireland so if that is not a vote of confidence I do not know what is.
What: Rock of Cashel, Walk, Hore Abbey, Historical Sites. Located on the M8 motorway between Cork and Dublin so easy to get to by car.
Facilities: Food, accommodation, history, tourist office, shops like Kilkenny store and Daverns.
Pros: I love Cashel its home to the iconic Rock which greets you when you enter the town and what a greeting. Its fabulous at night when its lit up. I am a little obsessed with taking pictures of it too. The town is rich in history from the rock to Hore abbey, Cashel Folk Museum, Boru Boru and there is historic trail through the town. The are a number of good cafes from The Bakehouse, Spearmans, Cafe Hanz. For restaurants there is Chez Hans and the Brian Boru. There is history on every corner and so its a photographers dream. There is access to the rock for people with disabilities.
Cons: The rock is currently being renovated its still open. Its worth preserving this beauty but for now its not looking its best with alot of scaffolding. I am going to do a separate post on the Rock itself as its well worth it. I will post when I do this as there are fresco's on the Romanesque chapel that are well worth capturing. These are the oldest surviving paintings of this kind in Ireland. I will also add further pictures of Hore Abbey.
History: Historically, Cashel was the capital of Munster and the seat of the High Kings. In the 5th century the Eoghanachta had their castle and established the town around the rock. In 997 Brian Boru was crowned King in Cashel, hence the towns strong associations to the name. In 1101 his grand son gave Cashel to the church thus, establishing the area as an ecclesiastical centre.
The Rock of Cashel consists of a Gothic and Romanesque church as well as a round tower and castle.
Legend: Legend has it that the Devils bit mountain in North Tipperary is where the devil took a bite out of the mountain. The legend says he subsequently spat it out in Cashel resulting in St Patricks rock being in the location where it is.
St Patrick is said to have baptised the third King Aengus in Cashel. St Patrick carried with him a staff which had a sharp ending. During Aengus's baptism St Patrick accidentally stuck the staff into Aengus's foot. He did not notice until he drew blood. The King however, was silent during the baptism and did not complain. St Patrick apologised to him for the suffering he caused to which King Aengus replied he assumed it was part of the baptism ceremony.

Have you been here and what were your thoughts?
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

For more information:
Spearmans Tearooms 
Chez Hans 
Brian Boru Bar 
Boru Boru 
Heritage Ireland 
Irelands Ancient East

Picture Gallery

Dominics Church

Cashel Folk Village
Back of the Pipes Fountain 

Kearneys Castle Hotel
Learning something new about Cashel
Little find that I really like 
Georgian Buildings in Cashel

St John the Baptist Chruch

Bolton Library its closed and books moved to University of Limerick
Cashel city walls

Rock of Cashel

Round Tower and High Cross (damaged by lightening)

Brian Boru statue outside Boru Boru

Boru Boru

Chez Hanz 

Hore Abbey

Devils Bot Mountain see the bite taken ?

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