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Friday, 19 August 2016

Kells Craft Centre, Co Kilkenny

Hi all, 
So was at home and my sister told me there was a craft shop open here so I had to check it out. 

Where: Kells Craft Centre, Co Kilkenny 
Why: St Mullins mill there is now a craft shop, museum and a pop up cafe there. Kells is a pretty little village. There is a walk towards Kells Priory from the crafts centre along the Kings river. I have always thought Kells is a really pretty village.  I think its wonderful to see this building in use as well. 
What: Craft shop in St Mullins mill and walk along the river. 
Whats there: Locally made crafts. museum and pop up cafe, free parking, sculptures, river walks, millinery classes.   
How: I drove from Callan along the R699 and then took the R697. 
How much: There are cards from a few euros to ceramics, photography and paintings.
Pro: Well maintained walks along the river, really pretty views, walks long the island, local crafts on sale, sculptures. With Kells Priory on the doorstep is great to see Kells being put on the map more. Its a hidden gem in Kilkenny and even though its only a small village there is so much there now with this facility, walks and the Priory. There are also tours available of the Priory from the Craft Centre so its a great day out. While I was there, seemed to be a number of people from all over the world visiting and so that is great to see. Kilree round Tower is 2km out the road as well so there is alot to see in the local area. I am working on a post on Kilree and the Priory as well just so you all can see. 
Con: No con as its a nice place to go for a day out. I wish them the best with this and hope that finally Kells will start to get the recognition it deserves. 
History: Mullins Mill was a corn flour mill and was established in 1782. The actual mill  wheel was working when I was there and is made of iron. There is a mill race and the water from the Kings River is fed into the mill wheel and the flow of the water caused the wheel to move which in turn powered the mill to grind the grain into flour. The mill was decommissioned in the 1960's and was restored in 1997. There are a number of mills over a 5 km stretch of the river in this area. The building is a protected structure. 
More information: 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and the new photo format. 

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Kells Village 

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