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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Secret Garden Art Gallery and Craft Shop, Kinvara, Co Galway


I just seem to keep going back to Kinvara. Its a town that keeps giving. So I have been a massive fan of this shop for many years now and it deserves a post because I think its lovely and the idea behind it is super cool.

Where: Secret Garden Craft Shop, The Quay, Kinvara, Co Galway
Why: Its a craft shop that is based on a cooperative of members who sell their art in this shop. I just think its a great idea.
What: Cute craft shop with art gallery.
Whats there: Candles, art work, Dolly tub soap and balms, cards, fairies, jewellery, woollen products and crochet pieces, original art work and fair trade products. There is an art gallery upstairs also. Visiting is a lovely experience and staff on hand are great and friendly. Its usually one of the artists from the cooperative.
How: I drove from Galway to Kinvara and The Secret Garden is just on the Quay as you arrive into Kinvara.
How much: from a few euros up something for every budget.
Pros:  The Dolly Tub have been a fan of this since I moved to Galway. Lovely, lovely stuff. Their candles in the tea cups are super cute. I love the fact that its a treasure trove each time I go in they seem to have something new and beautiful this time it was the pop up cards see picture below. Think its an a great idea to have a co operative like this as its local artists all supporting each other. The Faerie Tailor exhibition was on upstairs. Now I am not into fairies but her work is cool, all the designs as small clothes items for fairies made of feathers, leaves and natural products. I was amazed with the detail and also how beautiful some of the dresses were. Some were made using peacock feathers and one was made from red velvet rose petals. They were wow for me. There is also a little bit of faerie furniture. Its very original, unique and different so catch it if you can. Its a fairy shop too so if you have children there are little fairies in here.
Cons: None I have always found staff nice and helpful. I think its a great little place.
History: The Secret Garden is a craft co operative. It now forms a group of  7 local artists who f sell their work in the shop and also run it. The shop has evolved throughout the years and there is now an art gallery upstairs. The shop promote local artists, fair trade and handmade goods.
More information:
Facebook: Secret Garden 
Galway Fringe Festival 
The Dolly Tub 
Meet the Wool 
The Faerie Tailor 
Bandia Design 
Burren Flower Fairies 

Hope you enjoy it here.

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Photo Gallery 

Faerie Tailor- I believe this is an oak leaf dress 

I love this its like a Faerie Wedding dress so pretty

The Faerie Tailor Exhibition

Faerie Tailor Exhibition some faerie furniture 

There is little signs like this beside each piece so you can see what is was made of 

Hand fired ceramic tiles. I love flowers so these are wow for me. 

Some of the Dolly Tub candles in cups and pop up cards the one of Galway Cathedral is awesome


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