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Friday, 26 August 2016

Vogue Hair Studio, Clarinbridge, Co Galway

So all this is just a little blog on Vogue Hair Salon.  As you already know I blog about what I like so this is another. 

Where: Vogue Hair Studio, Clarinbridge. 
Why: Wash cut and blowdry. My Dad says we have wild hair! It grows very quickly and I have a bit of a kink in it. It needed taming fast.
What: Hairdresser, colouring and styling, highlights and cutting, extensions, upstyles, curls, bridal hair.
Whats there: Cute little hair salon with good value and great service.
How: The Salon is located on Sea Road in Clarinbridge right beside Goats Lane cafe so I drove there.
How much: Wash cut and blow dry was 35 euros by hair is shorter then shoulder length.
Pro: I go to Jade. She is such a nice person and a brilliant hairdresser and get a great cut. I am a bit of a nightmare because I'm just not one of those people who cant sit still. But always feel fine in here and feel comfortable. Its friendly here and you can just sit back and have a chat. I used to go to Peter Marks always but it began to feel like a conveyor belt as had one person wash, one person cut and another blow dry. So I began to look out for someplace that did not do that, that were nice, that gave good value for money, great cuts etc. Vogue and Jade fit all my requirements and more. I've been living in Galway for 5 years and struggled to find my hairdresser after my Peter Marks experiences. Any girl worth her salt has a beauty team of some kind places we go to get our hair, nails and everything else. So Vogue is one of my places now I go in needing a change etc and come out feeling so much better so unless I move out of Galway will not be moving from here anytime soon.
Cons: None as generally fine to get an appointment, its good value for money and good service. Feel comfortable, no fuss or mess. Great cuts always feel 1000 times better going out the door so thanks. 
More information:  Tracey O Loughlin had been working in Clarinbridge at a salon which shut down in 2012, Finding herself at a loss she decided she would try and set up her own place. There is just myself & my colleague Jade, Jade is also this years Oyster Pearl for the Oyster festival. They are open Tuesday- Saturday.

Job Opening: They are currently looking for some one part time so if interested give them a shout!

I never thought I would help someone get a job when I started blogging!!

I will add a picture to this tomorrow as well. Just did not get down that way today.

Hope you enjoy reading and thanks.

More information: 
Oyster Festival featured on RSVP (Jade as Oyster Pearl) congratulations. 
Vogue Hair Salon 


  1. Great blog. Totally agree with you about Vogue. I've been going to Tracy for about 6 years now. Really enjoyable experience and always a bit of banter and craic going on in the shop. Sue

    1. Sue M,

      Thank you as you are my first ever comment on my blog!! :) . I agree there is a bit of banter and craic and time flies. Before I know it I am a new woman!! Thanks again Cat


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