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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mindful Photography Post

I featured Foxglove Lane as a blog of the week. Catherine focus's on contemplative photography. I have added a link as if your not familiar with her but love photography this is something you will like. Trust me. I love her style. I also recently came across Lee Aspland. Wow he is amazing too.  I am getting more and more into mindful photography. If you have been following me you will know I mentioned a few times I struggled at bit with mindfulness. Ruby Wax's book Frazzled really helped me to grasp it. I am also reading a book by Goldie Hawn (yes its that Goldie Hawn) on the subject. I actually think she is really funny and cool.

So back to photography. So comptemplative and mindful photography are linked in many ways as both have an origin in Buddism. Buddism is rooted in clear seeing. This year I got really interested in Buddism and spent a day in Sunyata in Clare. It was a mindful day and amazing, challenging and very interesting experience. But also very personal. Clear seeing lies at the heart of photography as you want every photo to be vivid and clear.

Mindful photography is concerned with being present in the moment and connecting to what you are seeing and experiencing. I love photographing nature and I always go someplace with a camera/phone. Sometimes its just where I am driving and I have to stop the car to take a photo of the rainbow, the place, the sunset. For me its showing the beauty in the world. Its also celebrating the moment. Now, I am in love with skies and autumn colours. I love the changing colours of the leaves and the sunsets too. If I am out photographing I try to be as present as possible. Today, I went to Kilmacduagh Monastery. Yes, there will be a blog:). Oh my god wow. I saw the tower in the distance how amazing. I took a shot because it was awesome. I actually loved Kilmacduagh better then Clonmacnoise. Even though Clonmacnoise was one of my bucket items. It was quiet and still. I was so much more present and in awe of the site. It didn't have the same tourist, tours overcrowding. It was just this remarkable amazing place in the middle of the Irish countryside and my eyes were in awe, wonder and a little bit of love.

I have a little bit of an issue with non judgement as my mind does do the whole, this angle, light, oh that photo was not a cool as I thought it would be in my head. I have to appreciate the photos that work. Sometimes, I get that one shot that I could look at all day and I get lost in it. Its the most amazing and fulfilling thing. I got it I saved that moment and there will never be another like it. The clouds in sky will never align like that. That same bird will not be in the sky. Its the little things always. Photography can be so out of your control a few minutes later it might rain and the whole scene is lost, you miss that rainbow. Its about being there, at that second and something inside you going now.

I can live in my head a little and so photography takes me out of it. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to share with others. To I hope give you all something beautiful. It always amazes me if I go someplace I have been 1000 times and I manage to see something I have never seen before. It can be that the light has changed that the sunset is a burning beautiful red, the leaves on the tress have changed colour. Wow imagine we can experience the world afresh everyday. What a wonderful world we live in sometimes. It makes me feel alive and celebrate my life and be grateful.

Thank you for reading, liking and appreciating this too. :)
Its because of my readers I get a wonderful opportunity to share these moments.
Mindful Photography Links:

Mindful Photography

Its taken me ages to decide what I would like to do with Forrealll Group on Facebook and I finally decided. Mindful Photography. So I am not an expert in this. We all can learn from each other but I would like to set a theme each week and allow you all to share. So this week is one thing you love.! I have added flowers. You can add whatever you want. Would love to see your pictures.

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