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Monday, 3 October 2016

Monday Inspiration : Oprah

I know it may not be for everyone but I love Oprah. As a women I am always looking for inspirational female leaders. I  admire her because she leads from her heart. She leads from a place of morals. What made me realise this most was her story about the Klu Klux Clan on the Oprah Show. She said she knew and she could feel that they were using the show for their recruiting and platform. She decided she would not use her show as platform for confrontational television but instead that she would use it for greater good. She wanted to use her show to have intention and purposeful programming. I love this she took control she tuned into her gut and said no. This is not for me but this is what I am going to do this about it.

I just think she is phenomenal as a leader. As another women to look up to and as a role model. Is she perfect no,  but I think she is honest about her flaws. Is she impressive- yes massively. I love the fact she always seems to be eager to learn and grow. She has what she calls awh ha moments.

She says she tries to bring little pieces of light into peoples lives. I love this and I hope my little blog serves the same purpose in its own way.

Inspirational Quotes:
  • You become what you believe you are -Oprah
  • The fact that I am here matters- Oprah 
  • Always do your best and doing your best puts you at the next level- Oprah 
  • Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity- Oprah 
  • Everything that happens in your life is to prepare you for a moment that is to come- Oprah 
  • The universe speaks to us, first in whispers, if you don't pay attention to the whisper it gets louder and louder. - Oprah (I so believe this). 
  • Life is about growth and change - Oprah 
  • Your intention rules your life and determines the outcome - Oprah 
  • Every thought that moves into action will create an opposite and equal reaction - Oprah 
  • There is an energy flow- you are either in flow or out of it. If you are in flow its like flowing with the stream. 
  • What is the gift you were meant to give? -Oprah - I hope you know and you are using it. Mine is to help. 
  • What is your belief about yourself? 
  • Pay attention to the life that you are living right now- Oprah
  • Everyone in your life is a teacher - Oprah 
  • Everyone wants to fulfil the highest truest expression of yourself- Oprah 

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching.
Until next time, shine bright!

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