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Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas Trips

I've been a little sick over Christmas but managed to get out and about. 
Here are a few of my ramblings. 
Grange Crag Walk I featured in a blog previously. 



Popped into Tesco for a few presents quickly on Christmas Eve morning before the traffic got mental.

Ballycasey Craft and Design Centre- really impressed by this. Its in Shannon in Clare. Lots of different Arts and Crafts. The jewellers here is lovely and there is also a lovely candle store.

Kilkenny for some quick sales shopping. So hard to shop in the sales and find what you need as alot of rooting. The lights are lovely.

Hope you enjoyed reading.
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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Blogmas Day 24: That one present you forgot to buy and need to get now! 6 quickish ideas

We have all been there but its not so hard to do.

  1. Gift for all vouchers- these used to be on sale in Statoils so you can pick one up on the way. 
  2. All Gifts .ie. These are awesome and it can be a simple as getting a voucher instantly. They have everything from hotel and travel to restaurants. 
  3. There is always wine and chocolates or biscuits, cake etc. 
  4. Invite them over for dinner, lunch during the Xmas period and spoil them with their favourite foods. 
  5. Make something homemade. It can be anything from bath fizzes to fudge. See here for more ideas.
  6. Everyone has smart phones with lots of photos so head to your local chemist and print out a great memory with the person from the last year. Get a frame or even just add it with a thoughtful note in a card. 
Hope this helps! 
Happy Christmas 💞💏

Friday, 23 December 2016

Day 22: The Old Creamery.Adare.Limerick

Where : The Old Creamery
Why: I got a voucher for a friend a few years ago for their tea rooms. I heard really good things and so I wanted to experience it for myself.
 What: Old World Store with traditional tea rooms.
 Whats there: Everything from Homeware to Jewellery, Toys and Fashion.
 How: I drove from Limerick to Adare by the M20.
 How much: You can spend as much or as little as you want.
 Experience: I went for Christmas and this place is a wonderful winter Christmas wonderland. It blew me away and put a smile on my face massively.  Its really well done from the minute I walked in the door there was a Christmas tree and a whole winter wonderland. I loved the train display and all the little models from the Ferris wheel to the little houses. There is so much Christmas packed into each and every corner there has been so much attention to detail its amazing. It would be a lovely place to bring children and there was a Santa Grotto when I visited. Loved the teddy blowing bubbles too.
Pros: Everything, I was not expecting what I found when I opened the door and it blew me away in a really positive way. I got into the festive mood .Its a really lovely homely place you can walk from room to room and there is so many things to see.
 Cons: None.
 History: The Creamery dates from the 1900's and was a co-operative. The owner Helen Mackessy brought the creamery during the 1990's after the building was lying vacant for over a decade.She wanted to create something memorable with the creamery and loved Christmas. It certainly shows once you step through the door its an amazing winter wonderland. There is also a Santa Grotto each December.

 Local attractions: Limerick City 

 More information Hope you enjoyed reading.
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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Day 21: Finally on Hols Xmas Bucket List

I am so happy finally on holidays so all the pressure to meet deadlines is finally off.

As always I want to go and spend time with family and friends so to inspire others on some fun activities as well as motivating myself pending weather of course here is my Christmas Bucket List.

  1. Goal Christmas Mile. 
  2. Visit a Panto. 
  3. Get into a routine I have been rubbish since Halloween. 
  4. I would love to go to a Christmas Carol event I just saw that the Snowman was in the National Concert Hall and I missed it. Sounds so lovely. 
  5. I want to go to Castlecomer Discovery Park again. 
  6. I also want to go one some more adventures. 
  7. Running do more of it and get outside. 
  8. Watch lots of films on television. 
  9. Take photos of family over Christmas.
  10. Take a photos of the most amazing decorations outside peoples houses. 
  11. Do a candy cane hunt for the children. 
  12. I love mulled wine or hot cider so looking forward to have some of that. 
  13. I'm going to do Christmas socks for some of the little ones too. 
  14. Do a kind acts as much as possible. 

Some ideas for your bucket list:
Christmas Bucket List
Bucket List 
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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day 20@ Limerick at Christmas

Where:Limerick City.
Why: Former home and I still have a spot spot for it.
 What: Good shopping, good pubs, great craft. I came in particular for the Milk Market. Its an amazing indoor market in Limerick city centre.
 Whats there: Lots to do and see from King Johns Castle to the infamous Thomond Park.
 How: I drove from Galway to Gort and along the M8.
How much: You can spend as much or as little as you like.
Juat cos its Christmas a little tour. 
1) Nancy Blakes
Former second home in Limerick. Love it here late bar generally a nice crowd and lots of craic.

Smyths  and Da Icon - I am not sure if its still called that but it used to be. Manys the good night and bad night had in here. They were only bad nights because of boyfriend problems not because of Smyths!

Thomond Park:
Awkward angle of photo but anyway this place is amazing and the field of dreams :) . 

River Walks:- there is a walk along the river from town right up to King Johns Castle and its lovely. Well worth doing if you are in the area. 

The Buttery 
 A nice little cafe that I recommend on Bedford Row.

Mickey Martins - this used to have a pig flying outside it. Its alternative, a little bit cool. The bathrooms are a downside but I love the rest of it and a cool crowd. 

The Cornstore= yummy food, cocktails if you want them, nice staff and all you need to bring is good company! 

I love this Mural- there is art undertone to the city and if you look around you will eee plenty more displays. 

 The above piece from the Drawout Urban Exhibition 

Love this store- its so calming and there are plenty of events. There was a psyhic reading the day I visited. I didnt get my cards done if I did I would tell ya. Promise to those who know me!

I used to wear an eternity ring every day no reason I just loved it. I also wear a silver cross and I got both here. Its my favourite jewellery store in Limerick. Love it and want half of whats in the window at least!

Bean A Ti- has had a facelift but has always done amazing bakes. If your in the city and looking for a sweet treat this is a place worth stopping for home bakes that are delish! 

Greens is also just down the street. Its used to be owned by the same people that own the Greenhills Hotel on the Ennis Road. Its kind of a Limerick institution. Good dinners. 

Brown Thomas - its had an amazing revamp and is looking pretty fabulous. Lots of really lovely things in here. Its got in Jo Malone and Charlotte Tilbury products as well as a host of others upstairs. There is a cafe and also a home section, This one is probably my favourite Brown Thomas as its smaller, more compact and easier to navigate. 

Cruises Street: 
I love that there is market stalls all along Cruises Street now. The Crescent is amazing but I felt that it took things out of the city centre so its nice to see small local producers placed at the heart of the city again. 

The Hunt Museum: I love it here there is a really nice gift shop and cafe. Its the only place in Limerick I found a horse outside ! I recommend the cafe for sweet treats you can also join the riverside walk here. The muesum runs lots of events so I would advise checking whats on before you go to Limerick as its worth calling in, 

The Boardwalk : 
I love it as much as the pigeons and seagulls do. Its a nice stroll along the banks of the Shannon. Milanos is opposite and I love Italian so this place is a hit! 

I noticed it on the Belt and thought its such a nice touch.

Merchants Quay: 
As you take a walk along the river the history of Limerick opens up around you. You are on the Island. There is so much history from St Marys Chruch and there are signs to help you out so you can take it all in. 

The Milk Market 
Amazing stalls everything from cheese to books and jewellery. Lovely food stalls here too. Great athmosphere if you rise and come early on a Saturday morning. 

Photogrpahy stall here was amazing.

This stall had circus toys!

Super cute

The Locke - is a gastropub so if you are looking for nice food during the day stop by. If you are here in the summer then the Locke for me is the best beer garden pub in Limerick. You can sit and watch the world go by at the river and sink a few too while chatting/people watching/eating/drinking. Lovely. 

 Pros: I love the fact that there is such a creative streak running through the city and the Milk Market is really fostering this and showcasing the city in such a positive light. There is so much talent and so many beautiful things. The people have wit and humour and I generally always end up having a laugh with some of them or chatting to a stranger. I love that.
 Cons: It can get a little crowded in the Milk Market.
Hunt Muesum: named after its benefactors John and Gertrude Hunt who were antique collectors. There is a collection of interesting historical and cultural pieces here not just from Ireland but also further afield. Admission fee applies.
St Marys Cathedral : founded in 1169 by Donal Mor O'Brien the King of Munster. Its an amazing and imposing piece of architecture. Apparently experts believe that part of his former castle is incorporated into the present church. The church was built on the site of a Viking meeting house. The chruch is one of the oldest buildings in the city and is still used today for worship.
Markets- there is a pototo market, milk market and also pig and hay market. The potato market lasted until the 1940's its now a carpark, the hay market went with the dawn of the motorcar, the pig market went into decline but the milk and corn market lasted however, the produce changed. The Milk Market underwent a renovation in 1995 and subsequently again in 2010 when it was covered so that is became an all weather market. Its slowly developing into one of the finest markets on the West Coast of Ireland.
Spokane Walk /Boardwalk -was developed as Limericks sister city is Spokane in Washington in the U.S. Both cities work together to foster Irish and US relations. The Boardwalk was upgraded in 2013. The Dockers memorial was erected in 2010.

 Local attractions:
Limerick City Photo Walk 

 More information
Visiting Limerick 
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