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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Action for Happiness : Key Look for whats good

I believe our minds affect our bodies. Feeling good and being positive can impact us physically too. In order to find whats good I try to use the following habits daily.

  1. Visualisations - I really like to think about what I want to achieve whether its a relationship or something else I try to imagine it and flood by body with feelings of positivity. 
  2. I have just started using a new app called Moodspace. I use it to write down 3 good things daily. There is always something good even on a bad day. 
  3. I also really like positive psychology which I want to learn more about. I think it would be a good thing to learn more about for my own well being. 
  4. The Four Agreements- I came across this recently. I was dealing with someone and their actions upset me but once I looked at it from the four agreements side I just let it go. Sometimes we take on things because someone doesn't like us, wants an argument/drama etc. But if you can not take it personally it affects your moods in a more positive way. I have to remind myself and I'm sensitive but I found it really helps. 
  5. Someone told me out of everything bad comes something good. The best example I know is Oprah. She was going to be fired but the television company did not want to break her contract or get out of it. They moved her from being a news reporter to a talk show host. She said the minute she stepped into the role as a talk show host she knew she was home! 
  6. Mindfullness- the more mindful I am the more appreciative I am of my life, of the little things of nature, food and so much more. This in turn has impacted my happiness levels. 
  7. Challenges not every challenge in life is negative. We are all challenged and our strengths come from our struggles. You can learn so much even from suffering and very difficult things. 
  8. Do something you love. We all need something to look forward too and coming home from a bad day at work or even going through a stressful period its nice to have 1 hour even if its only a week to paint, run, walk, meet a friend, read. 
  9. Self care - the more I go through my journey in life the more I realise this lies at the root of everything. From what you eat and drink to how you dress and present yourself to the world. You have to look for whats good in yourself, believe you are enough and celebrate yourself. 
  10. Non Judgement - this is such a challenge and I struggle with it and the monkey mind. But not judging especially yourself can massively impact your thoughts. It gets rid of the conflict. 
  11.  Finally let it go. Do not hold onto the past and bad experiences. For example, just because your ex two timed you it doesn't mean you have to be afraid that the next person will do the same. Look for whats good with the next relationship and don't let yourself be defined by your own mistakes or the actions of others. 

For more information see
Look for Whats Good
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