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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Eat of the Week: Quays Street Food, Galway

Where: Quays Street Food, Galway City.
Why: Street food, seemed like good prices, looks new and was curious.
What: Its got everything from vegan boxes to pizza, burgers, thai and chinese dishes. Here is a menu. 
Where: Its opposite The Quays Pub.
Whats there: You can sit inside there is a little cozy window and also seats outside. There is a range of food from korean, thai, flatbreads,coffee. They have a strict no MSG and also use 100% beef and halal chicken.
 How: I walked.
 How much: 7 euros for Galway Girl vegan box and a water.
 Experience: Its a small little shop but I can see it being a nice place especially once the weather picks up. I just liked the fact its healthy, quick and easy food. Sometimes, I find it hard to get that and everything can seem to come with chips when you eat out. I really like the fact there is alot on offer too because then you can pick and choose and its kinda cool if your with friends. Its not craxy expensive too.

 Pros: Good range of food at good prices, people watching.
 Cons: None
 History: Quays Street Foods is brought to you by a dedicated and passionate team of food lovers from around the world, We have brought our many years of experience together in order create a wonderfully tasty World streetfood menu.
Local attractions: 
Galway City Photowalk

 More information 
 Hope you enjoyed reading.
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