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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Update 100 euro project

Hello all,

So my posts have been irregular as I am back in college part time and also working full time. So its a hard balancing act. I am going to post some of my videos online so link for one is here

So this post is on my 100 euro project. Progress has been as follows:

1) 40 euros from my change savings jar could not believe so much in it.
2) I have moved over money from from my account where I saved money by bringing in coffee or bringing my lunch to work.
3) High interest rate saver. I am using AIB Online Saver Account which earns 2%. Its not setting the world on fire but its a start. To compare other savings accounts for lump or regular savings I love Bonkers.ie and also found ConsumerHelp. ie. really useful.
4) I am a fan of Pigsback and also Living social, Groupon and if you keep an eye out there can be really good deals on days out, meals and even a night away. Then put what you would have paid into the savings account result.
5) Cashback Ireland something new I found basically if you buy something online with Livingsocial, Easons or other companies theres loads from Fields Jewellers to Hotels.com you can earn back a percentage of the cost. Whats not to love about more money in your pocket?
6) Being minimalist. I am in Dublin and my god those shops. I find it so hard in Dublin to keep money in my pocket and so I have come to the idea of buying only what I need. Right now its a few jumpers and leave the crazy sparkly things and handbags where they are even though it makes me sad sometimes! :)
7) Budget- oh my god its so boring but so necessary. I have found pinterest useful they have a pie chart where you should save x amount, live off y amount and then bills etc z amount.
8) Have a vision. This is important because you can feel like you are depriving yourself but if its for a car, holiday etc then think of that when it gets hard.
9) Look at those statements where is your money going and cancel anything you do not want to be paying for e.g gym if you don't go do not pay for it.
10) Bank charges I am with AIB and I recently was gobsmacked with how much I pay them. I found this really useful. 
11) Financial review you can do this with your bank or else with an independent financial adviser. Its up to you but its on my list of to do.
12) Check and see if you are entitled to any tax back on rent, bin charges, medical, tuition etc.

So my 100 euro project is now 140 euros and counting.
Would love to hear of anyone elses ideas as my target is to grow this little nest egg into 500 euros and onwards. I am saving for a house and so I know I am not alone in the savings struggle.

Have you any tips? Would love to hear them and put them in the comments.