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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dunmore East , Co Waterford

Where: Dunmore East Coast Waterford
Why: I had been before many moons ago with my parents but sadly it was a rainy day. Have heard some really good things and so set off on an adventure.
Pros: the beach is awesome so sandy. The tide was out when I visited. It's also a super cute little village. There are lots of walks as well that are lovely. I did a little bit of the coastal walk along the cliffs.
Cons: Nothing for me. The cliff walk could be dangerous in bad weather and is not a place to bring young children. Parking was a bit of an issue close to the beach.
Experience: I parked close to the beach and took a stroll onto the beach. The first thing that struck me was the beautiful view over Hook Head . I strolled along the beach and then took a walk over to the harbour. Finally I made my way back to the beach and went to The Strand Seafood Bar. I ordered the catch of the day and salad. Portion was huge and the food tasty. It was a scorching day during the Easter holidays and so the pub was busy. You can eat outside and its literally overlooking the strand itself so the perfect place to watch the sun go down, take in the view and just be happy!
How: I drove from Waterford to Dunmore East . You go past Ardkeen Hospital and it's about 20minutes outside the city.

History: Dunmore East is a fishing village just outside of Waterford city. It is still an active fishing village and has the second highest figure for landing fish in Ireland outside Killybegs.  Hence, the area is renowned for its seafood.  There are two principal hotels in Dunmore namely The Strand and The Haven The Strand Inn and The Haven which was once home to  The Malcolmson family of Portroe a noted wealthy family. More recently the area has hit the news as the BBC drama Redwater is set in and around the area. The area is also noted for its watersports. 

For more information: 
Lonely Planet: Dunmore East 
The Strand Inn - recommend for food or drink 
The Haven Hotel - have not stayed but good reviews online