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Action for Happiness and Forreall Mindful Photography

As much as possible I want to use my blog as something to inspire people. I wrote a blog about Action for Happiness sometime ago. I love this as its focused on creating a happier and more caring society. Whats not to love?

 I would love to set something up a happiness group in Galway. Its all free but its a charity so I would seek to give back. If anyone is interested forrealllemail@gmail.com. For now, I will settle on shining a light on this online and adding it to the mindfullness group. I wrote to action for happiness to see if this is possible and so email is below. I am delighted to be able to work with them and promote this. Its totally not commercial. No money exchanged I endorse because I love the ethos. They have tonnes of free material on their site. I was doing this alone and then I thought surely this will appeal to others. Together we can all make a difference in our own lives, our families and communities.

 I hope that this will draw kindred spirits and even if you don't participate in the group that it inspires you and helps to make you happier.

The first key is to give to others. So this week I am going to try and do 3 extra acts of kindness daily. I will write about my experience and would love others to share theirs too.

I have added a link to the guidebook. Action for Happiness below and if your interested take a look.

Action for Happiness Guidebook Link

If your interested you can go to the action for happiness website and make a pledge.

For more information see :

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